Going To A Therapist Doesn’t Define You!


LIfe will forever have it’s ups and downs, and that goes for everyone.

Going to a therapist or participating in counseling is too often associated with being 'mentally ill' or 'crazy', and that’s just not the case. Therapy has been proven to benefit of wide range of issues, from social anxiety to the underlying difficulties in marriages and families, and visiting with a therapist can offer so much insight.

If you look at a therapist and automatically think “crazy”, you’re going to miss out on a great opportunity to make positive changes in your own life. One way to approach the idea of a therapist is as your number one supporter. When you visit a therapist, you are building a relationship with a third party listener who helps you work towards the improvements you want to make.

During your visit at the Center for Connected Living -Fl you have an opportunity to for one-on-one individual, couple and marital therapy sessions with Dr. Scholtz as well as participate in our new Grief Recovery Group sessions. Meet with individuals who are struggling with the same issues, or work through problems with your family or spouse. Contact us today for more information about how to get started!