Take Advantage of Marriage Counseling in Ft. Lauderdale to Get that Spark Back!

If you have been noticing that you haven’t been yourself lately, maybe it is time to speak to someone about the issues you have going on in your life. At The Center of Connected Living, Dr. Corinne Scholtz can offer therapy services, such as bring your pet therapy, teen & adult therapy, and marriage counseling in Ft. Lauderdale. For most people who need help to get back up on their feet, the first step is the most important one. So what is it that is dragging you down?

In this life, there are many reasons to get down on yourself. Reasons could include your job, spousal issues, losing a loved one, and the most hard to cope with--no reason at all. If you and your spouse feel like you have lost the spark and you want to get it back, our marriage counseling in Ft. Lauderdale is for you. We can help you heal past wounds that you may be holding against each other and help you to effectively communicate in a better and healthier way! There are a few different ways to receive marriage counseling from Dr. Corinne Scholtz at The Center of Connected Living. You can schedule your weekly appointment to be one 55 minute session or a 90 minute session. The 90 minute session is one that many couples go forward with, because it is much more extensive. It includes 30 minutes one-on-one time for each spouse and then 30 minutes together. To learn more about our great therapy options at The Center of Connected Living with Dr. Corinne Scholtz, visit us online now!