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  1. Men & Feelings?

    Hi Everyone, I’m beginning to really enjoy our fall weather!  I bundled up yesterday – a tank top and jacket with yoga pants – and headed for our community jogging path not far from my home.  …Read More

  2. Myths About Marriage

    Myths about Marriage!! The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, J. Gottman, 1999. 1.You can save your marriage by learning to communicate more sensitively!  Even happily married couples can hav…Read More

  3. A ‘Good’ Fight?

    Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional – Max Lucado The couples I see everyday tend to be dealing with more than small nagging things, although research says we do this at least 312 times a …Read More

  4. Are You Emotionally Connected?

    Everyday couples come to therapy with symptoms of an emotional disconnection from each other.  The symptoms can take the form of arguing, withdrawal, defensiveness, blame, avoidance of difficult conv…Read More

  5. Mental Health & Body Image

    Our Mind & Body in Relationship How we perceive and think about our bodies sincerely impacts the quality of a couple’s relationship.  It’s common to compare ourselves to an ideal version of o…Read More