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Hi, and Welcome To The ‘Confident Cancer Caregiver’ Course!

This is a course dedicated to anyone who is giving care to another friend or family member with cancer.

Maybe you’ve become a caregiver unexpectedly after a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis. Maybe it’s been a more gradual process as your loved one declines. Perhaps there is optimism and hope that caregiving will decrease when the cancer is in remission. Trust me when I tell you that having guidance through this chapter in your life is priceless. I’ve organized the most important aspects of being a cancer caregiver, and provided tools and tips so you can increase organization, use your time wisely, ask the right questions, and know what’s ahead. The material I share comes from my own personal experience, the experience of family members, clients in my therapy practice, and comprehensive research.

There can be a tremendous amount of pressure on a cancer caregiver. Becoming prepared and proactive is KEY!