marriage counseling success stories Fort Lauderdale Couples Therapy Success Stories:

Dr. Scholtz, I just want to express our utmost gratitude for our session today.  — and I both think that we gained knowledge from it and look to forward to our future sessions.  Thanks again! 

– A couple working through intimacy issues

“We started seeing Dr. Corinne about three months ago. Like many couples, our communication styles were opposite…he would say one thing and she would hear something totally opposite, but then neither of us wanted to talk about the issues at hand.  Now after about 5 sessions, our communication has drastically changed. We are better than we’ve ever been and our communication lines are open.  We’re thankful!

– a young, professional couple  

“Corinne was great to work with and very flexible with Facetime-based sessions in light of a 3hr time difference. We also really appreciated her warmth, openness, and direction towards outside resources for further study.  She discussed realistic expectations for marriage and, most importantly, gave us tools to help us work through our own disagreements.”

– a professional couple on the west coast

” Corinne was quite instrumental during a difficult time in my relationship.  She provided a calm place and guided us through difficult conversations which ultimately put my relationship back on track.  I’m thankful for her expertise in a very difficult subject matter.”

– a couple recovering from an affair & now married

“We both felt you were fair and easy to talk to and we were able to be honest about our feelings and challenges.  You provided insight into our relationship that really helped us communicate better and move forward in our relationship.  We would definitely recommend you to our friends.”

– A same-sex couple 

couples counseling fort lauderdale“When I finally decided to seek the help of a therapist, I honestly thought that I may have been beyond the point of reconciling with my husband. Although my husband and I had been together for over four years and married for over one year, there were issues we had in the past that I couldn’t seem to shake. My husband is very honest, loyal, kind, loving, and sweet, but I kept on thinking that we were too different to be together because our personalities could not be more polar opposite. Several one-on-one sessions with Dr. Scholtz helped me recognize patterns in my life that I was too preoccupied to notice. The environment in which I bared my deepest thoughts and feelings was never judgmental or aggressive, but accepting and understanding. When my husband and I finally went to therapy sessions together, I thought that I would leave him. I don’t know if the fact that Dr. Scholtz led me to a cross road or that I had a revelation and realized that I had not been able to succeed in my marriage because I never gave it 100%, but I know that within those four walls of that office, I was given another chance. I had phone sessions, face-to-face sessions, and even reached out via text in moments where I just wasn’t able to cope with anything around me. Dr. Corinne Scholtz was an angel in my life that was put in my path to help me get through obstacles that were preventing the success of my marriage. Since I have left therapy, I have continued to work through issues in my marriage, and have even purchased a home with my husband. I am eternally grateful for the time that Dr. Scholtz gave me. She is the most easy going, relaxed, kind, and understanding person I have ever met. I hope that after reading this, someone is pushed that extra inch to chose therapy, and to allow Dr. Scholtz to work the miracles in my life that she did for me.

– A client working through troubling times in her marriage

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