family counselor fort lauderdaleTo make your bedroom romantic, loving and restful, it’s crucial you keep your bedroom off limits to a few popular items. Getting restful sleep, enjoying quality time with your spouse and keeping your bedroom romantic can get bogged down. Our marriage and family counselor here in Fort Lauderdale recommends that you avoid taking these 5 items to bed with you:

  1. Electronic devices: Yes, this means your phone, your iPad and your laptop. Electronic devices will only drown a romantic mood, keep you up at night and distract you from giving the love of your life the attention they deserve. Distractions at bedtime are a struggle for many couples, and electronic devices are definitely objects to blame.
  2. Kiddos: Yes, believe it or not, children should never be brought into bed at night. Sure, cuddling with your kiddo is fun and relaxing, but make sure you take the cuddle-fest to their bed and not your own. It’s not healthy for your relationship to be put on the back-burner because your children need TLC. Instead, keep the spark alive by making your bedroom off limits to your child[ren].
  3. Munchies: Whether you like this rule or you despise it, bringing food into the bedroom can make sleeping a little more difficult. Although a late-night snack seems like a delicious and great idea at the time, eating at night while your body is trying to relax will only disturb your body’s ability to sleep soundly. Plus, if you’re trying to be intimate, food will only ruin the possibility of that happening.
  4. Heavy conversational topics: We all love having a good chat with the one we love, but having a hot and heavy feud right before bed can cause you to lose some much needed ZZZs. A good rule of thumb is to have an argument curfew, because there are plenty of consequences of arguing before bed. Find time prior to bedtime to communicate about issues that are bothering you both.
  5. Work: Although this may seem like a no-brainer, stop yourself from speaking about work in the bedroom. Unfortunately, conversing about work can have a heavy impact on the amount of sleep you get and every other activity that happens in the bedroom. Just like food, work can create you to have restless sleep patterns. Instead of talking about a stressful subject such as work, speak about something you would want to do together or even create goals as a couple.

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