What to Expect During Your First Couples Therapy Session:

I prefer both partners to attend our first therapy session. It can be easy for a client to feel left out when their partner has met with a therapist on their own. However, this is only a preference and is flexible depending on the needs of the couple.

We will meet once a week for a 55-min session or a 90-min session. A 90-minute session with a therapist creates options for couples counseling: each person can be seen individually for 30 minutes, then as a couple for 30 minutes; we can work more extensively together during the 90-minute; it tends to allow each partner to feel ‘heard’ without running out of time.

The first couples therapy session is an opportunity for meeting me, asking questions, sensing my energy and the atmosphere of the office. The ‘fit’ between you and your therapist is essential to successful counseling. Whether you are engaged in family counseling or couples counseling, you need to feel comfortable with your therapist, as well as with the energy of the office – do you find it uplifts, relaxes, is professional, and calm?

At times I offer ‘homework’, questionnaires, and exercises designed to enhance the relationship outside of the therapy session.

Many clients engaged in couples and/or marriage counseling invest in a therapy package of at least 5 sessions, which also discounts each session by 5%.  This allows for the first therapy session, individual sessions as needed, and a chance for the 3 of us to work together. Not all couples will need individual therapy sessions, however, it does often take some time to untangle the situation you’ve found yourselves in!

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