New! Premarital Counseling for a Positive Marriage

Hundreds of couples enjoy the benefit premarital counseling and enter marriage with clarity and peace of mind. It’s so common for couples to grapple with issues relating to intimacy, finances, family, religion and communication as the wedding date approaches. Premarital counseling is a investment of time and money that will show returns for years to come. Your premarital counseling will be structured to meet the unique needs of your relationship and is available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Homework will be given in-between sessions and tends to prompt valuable material for our conversations. Enjoy confidence in the strengths of your relationship and create tools for handling stressful times. Many couples take advantage of combining our online premarital course with in-person counseling!

Topics We Cover:

Expectations For Marriage

Fighting a ‘Good’ Fight

Managing Lapses in Communication

Sex and Intimacy

Financial Responsibilities and Expectations

Step-Parenting & Step-Families (when applicable)

Family-Of-Origin Influences and more…!

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