When One Wants Out and The Other Doesn't

When One Wants Out and The Other Doesn't in Couples & Marriage Therapy

Sometimes couples arrive in my office who tell me right off the bat that they've talked about breaking up and are ready to do it if therapy doesn't 'work'. Usually there have been countless conversations about the hurt, anger, and pain they've caused each other and have likely gone in predictable circles around the topic at hand. Fortunately a couples and marriage therapist will know exactly what to do to help support the marriage and help the couple make the best decision possible for their relationship.

Couples therapy with polarized couples can be a unique opportunity. With guidance, the couple can rebuild their bond and reconnect for the right reasons, or disconnect for the right reasons. An experienced couples and marriage counselor will focus on each partner's personal development, the life cycle the couple are in, external factors, individual problems, and relationship history. Often times a client's family-of-origin experiences are an important aspect as well.

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, or one person has said they think it is over, please call or email us today to learn about how to best approach this time in your relationship so you don't live with regret.