I’ve started a new little habit and it’s making a big difference in the beginning of my day.  It’s a small journal ordered from Amazon about gratitude. Every day there are 3 spaces to write about gratitude and the things we appreciate about our lives.  Wanting what we have, embracing the gifts, and being in the present moment are life skills to practice every day.  Many times clients will be in the same mental trap I sometimes find myself – overlooking or taking for granted the opportunities in front of us, not ‘wanting’ what we have but searching for more, perhaps scanning the environment or our relationships for what could be better and forgetting that every person is a balance of strength and areas for growth.

Couples and individual clients who begin to practice gratitude see a shift in perspective.  Sometimes the shift is big, sometimes it’s simply a baby step in a new direction.  Therapy helps remind us that the patterns and circumstances of our lives can change, or, reminds us that when we change we see the things around us differently.  Take the first step and practice gratitude today – see you soon!