6 Areas of Self-Care


A common topic in therapy is self-care. We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others, especially during times of stress. The focus of this blog is individual self-care and will evolve into couples’ self-care in future blogs; healthy minds and bodies make strong and healthy marriages!

Think about what flight attendants require if emergency procedures and oxygen masks become necessary during travel. As parents, we instinctively reach to care for our children and elderly before ourselves. But, the danger of not putting our mask on first limits our ability to help others. If we run out of air, energy and focus, we won’t be of help to anyone.

There are 6 areas of self-care to consider. Many think of self-care as getting more sleep, eating better, and ‘relaxing’. But I want to share some additional ideas!



Your physical health matters. You must care for your body; this includes everything from sleep to sex to making an appointment with your dentist. Doing so will help you care for your body now and into the future.


Your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical. By caring for your emotional health by acknowledging and processing feelings, you'll be better of giving others love and happiness.



Your mental health is crucial. If you don't care for your mind, all of the other areas of self-care won't matter. Provide your mind some challenges and keep it healthy by reading a new book, meditating regularly, playing games and providing your mental health with a great portion of ebb and flow.


Your spiritual health is something many individuals take for granted or ignore. caring for your spiritual health is Care for your spirit critical if you'd like to really evolve as a person and provide yourself with influential self-care. By doing so, you'll be able to create a greater you. Let's remember that spiritual doesn't necessarily mean God. If you are not a religious person, that's OK. Go step out in nature and connect to life in a spiritual way.



Your social life is imperative. Caring for your relationships is a serious part of self-health. Spend quality time with family and friends who get you. Take time to go out on dates and schedule a get-together with a small group of friends.


Your practical life should always be cared for. This includes all types of maintenance care that support your life. Examples include keeping your house clean, organizing your office and keeping your bills paid and in order.

Stay Tune For More!

I’ll be discussing each of the areas in greater detail in our next blog. I welcome your questions and comments if you wish to continue the conversation!