A ‘Good’ Fight?

Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional – Max Lucado

The couples I see everyday tend to be dealing with more than small nagging things, although research says we do this at least 312 times a year! This seems to suggest that we may have small interactions with our partner most days. The conflicts I’m referring to are the ones that seem perpetual and by the time couples appear in therapy they are playing out a well-rehearsed dance around the issue hoping for some resolution. But they just don’t know how to get there.

*Just because two people fight doesn’t mean they don’t love each other*

- The Good Fight – How Conflict Can Bring You Closer, Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

NY Times Best-Selling Authors

It’s tough to remember and feel the love in the midst of an argument, however many couples tell me that they’ve never felt closer after a ‘good’ fight. What’s a good fight look like? Well, this is the discussion of many couples therapy sessions, but you can get started with the book by the Parrotts. Curious about applying these ideas to the personal dynamics in your marriage or relationship? Or know of a friend who could use some support? Contact me today!

Dr. Corinne Scholtz is a well-known marriage and family therapist in the Ft Lauderdale area. Her expertise is helping couples find hope that things can be different, and then offering thoughtful ways of shifting the conversation between the two.