Men & Feelings?

Hi Everyone,

I’m beginning to really enjoy our fall weather! I bundled up yesterday – a tank top and jacket with yoga pants – and headed for our community jogging path not far from my home. The path is nestled within a park with tennis courts, basketball courts, child play areas, and various fitness stations. There are always men, women and children of various ethnicity and background enjoying some time outside.

I like to people-watch and observe others on the path. Yesterday there was a mom pushing a toddler in a scroller, one couple spending time together, solo joggers and walkers, and…two separate groups of men. There were two older men walking together, and a group of three also strolling. Trying to keep up a good pace, I passed each group more than once. And each time I could overhear snippets of conversation about people in their lives, work politics, and daily issues. I thought, ‘How Cool! Men meeting up at the park, walking together and talking!’ It’s a cultural assumption that men ‘don’t talk about their feelings’; ‘aren’t as good as women at relationship’; and ‘don’t bond with other men as adults’. However, my observation questioned each of these assumptions and I LOVED it! A few miles later I saw the men approach the parking lot, overheard them say ‘thanks’ to one another for the time, and go on their separate ways. I look forward to sightings on the path tomorrow and the connections I observe of people of all ages and backgrounds. Perhaps my path is symbolic of stages of the life cycle and all the relationships life can hold.