Mental Health & Body Image

Our Mind & Body in Relationship

How we perceive and think about our bodies sincerely impacts the quality of a couple’s relationship. It’s common to compare ourselves to an ideal version of ourselves. Keep in mind that ‘comparison’ is one of the top 10 ‘mind traps’…that is, it’s a very common, subtle mental pattern that creates internal conflict. Many of us will sum up our current image as negative in many ways and compare this image to one when we were more fit, more toned, younger and thinner. In a marriage, or intimate relationship, not feeling good about ourselves can influence our sex life, our relationship to money, social activities, communicating clearly to our partner, and daily choices. Self-esteem about our body radiates either positive or negative energy and affects everything we do!

So, do you like what you see in the mirror?

Do you have unrealistic expectations vs. goals to help you meet your preferred body image?

The Mayo Clinic Diet offers 6 tips to loving your body more…integrating even one can begin to shift your experience!

Recognize that you are more than your body. Write a list of your strengths and best features, and add to it often.

Make a list of people you admire — from your parents or children to political leaders or world figures. Do they have perfect bodies? Does it matter? Or are there other characteristics you admire in them? You probably have some of these same characteristics, so give yourself credit for them.

Exercise regularly. You’ll tone your body and boost your self-esteem. In fact, a study showed that women who worked out on a regular basis rated their bodies as more attractive and healthier than did women who weren’t as physically active.

Appreciate the body you have. Think of it as a gift. Recognize all the things your body can do. Show it some respect by eating well and getting enough rest.

Focus on your health instead of thinking only about your appearance. If you’d like a healthier body shape or weight, set small, realistic goals and work to meet them.

Surround yourself with friends who don’t focus on body size or appearance. Encourage one another to focus on healthy habits instead of appearance.

If you feel that body image and self-esteem are playing a role in your marriage, or affecting the relationship you have with yourself, contact us today about making an appointment.

Dr. Corinne Scholtz is a marriage and family therapist in private practice in Ft Lauderdale, 33301. She sees people everyday who want to feel better about themselves and their relationships. For more info visit her website at