Save Your Relationship

Couples Counseling Can Help Save Your Relationship

Relationships can be hard! However, people tend to keep to themselves when struggling, and this takes a toll on one’s mental, emotional, and often physical, health. In an ideal world, couples participate in couples counseling prior to the point when one or both may be considering leaving the relationship. Preventative maintenance on anything, including relationships, is always easier than repairing once it's broken. Here are 4 ways couples counseling has proven to help couples in distress.

Address The Underlying Issues

Typically, when a couple arrives at counseling, the original problem has evolved into additional issues. When this happens it becomes difficult to discern the underlying emotional issue. Sessions with a skilled marriage and couples therapist helps the couple to discover, in a safe place, the wounds and stuck places.

Improves Communication

Communication is critical in a relationship. When a couple lacks the communication skills they need it can lead to anger, fights, misunderstanding, and withdrawal. When two people are unable to communicate effectively, many unresolved disagreements tend to resurface time and time again. Couples counseling can help you learn the skills needed to improve your communication and your relationship.

Couples Reconnect

Many people think that couples only go to counseling if they are fighting a lot, but that isn't necessarily true. Therapists can also help those couples that have drifted apart. They are living together, but perhaps coexisting together instead of living life together. Things aren't necessarily "bad", but they aren't good either. The busyness of life can make it easy for spouses to lose touch with each other. While this might not seem like a worse case scenario, it is a sign of emotional disconnection. Couples counseling can help identify the cycle of disconnection and offer solutions for re-building intimacy.

Build Upon Your Strengths

Couples counseling is not just about focusing on the things that are wrong in a relationship. Counseling also helps find the things that you are doing right! It's important to focus on these areas and not just the negative ones. However, when you are caught up in what might feel like a hopeless situation it is difficult to take our attention off the negative. However, the good things are going to be the things that keep you motivated to work through the hard times and situations.

Experience how marriage and couples counseling can improve or save your marriage and start today!