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Successful Couples Therapy

There is an art and science to experience successful couples therapy. First, the relationship between you and your couples counselor is extremely important and significantly contributes to the outcome. Clients should be able to trust their therapist, feel safe in the therapy room, and feel confident that the therapist will handle whatever arises. Working to integrate therapy effects, tools, and insights, into daily life is remarkably important for successful couples therapy as well. Only so much can be accomplished within an hour and the rest of the work begins between sessions.

Faith in the therapeutic process facilitates a successful experience. Some therapy sessions will be easier than others. Talking about feelings and relationships can be painful and create strong emotions. Faith supports getting through the difficult times.

Setting goals during the first few sessions and working toward these helps to mark progress. It will be exciting as you move closer to success!

Finally, when you have a question, or concern, tell your therapist! Processing this within the therapist-client relationship is helpful to keep your couples therapy on track.