There's Always Gratitude

There’s Always Gratitude - A Special Contribution By Valerie Peralta. Happy Holidays!

The holiday season, with all of its joy and festivity, can be hard when you’re in relationship that is difficult or going through tough times. Everyone around you, it seems, is full of cheer while you’re in pain. Maybe you’re looking for ways to fix things but just don’t know how.

In couples therapy I work with clients to stop focusing on what’s not going right. Rather than replaying in your mind what he didn’t do or what she said this holiday season, try:

  • Keeping a journal of the positive things he or she says and does each day;
  • Enjoying an event together as a couple that interests you both;
  • Reading about and practicing habits of healthy couples, such as sharing appreciation for each other, showing warm and kindness, and acknowledging your spouse's efforts.

And remember, despite the relationship not being perfect, there’s always something to be grateful for about your partner.

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