“Dr Scholtz gets it! She is a very insightful and skilled therapist who is both knowledgeable & compassionate. I contacted Dr Scholtz when I was at an extremely low point with my inner life. I had been going through much change and a major life transition. I was emotional, filled with anxiety and unable to deal with my issues effectively. From the first session forward, she has been able to get to the heart of the matter, helped me see myself more clearly and collaborated with me to find viable solutions, specifically focused on my personal situation. I highly recommend Dr. Scholtz, especially to anyone undergoing emotional or relationship issues.” … shared by a client transitioning into retirement.


“I decided to see Dr. Scholtz when I realized I was giving up on life and succumbing to depression. It was the first time I had ever talked to anyone about this reoccurring issue and Dr. Scholtz made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Scholtz listened with incredible compassion and has helped me to contradict negative self-talk and try to reframe thoughts in a more positive manner. She helped me disassociate myself from depression and other negative thoughts and judgments. Most importantly Dr. Scholtz helped me to realize what kick-starts a depressive cycle for me (fear of not being good enough) and techniques to overcome these fears.  Thank you so much for your help Corinne.”

“My sessions, personally, have been incredibly helpful in working with Corinne in that we are not only talking through my feelings and any issues, but really understanding them in a non-criticizing and compassionate manner. In our sessions Corinne and I have focused on developing a better evaluation of my feelings, values, thoughts and needs. I have learned so much about myself. Best of all, the takeaways of our sessions have been the biggest learning experience. Working together with Corinne to understand and resolve challenges in my life has been more than I could have ever expected. This has by far been the most empowering and positive experience to date in my life and I am grateful for my therapy sessions with Corinne.”

– written by a client in the midst of graduating, searching for a job, managing family relationships, and an engagement!  

“Corinne was a truly amazing help during the most difficult time of my life. Her insights were incredibly valuable to me and her support was priceless. She was kind and compassionate and went well beyond her job description. Corinne was a wonderful blessing and I cannot thank her enough for everything she did to help me through this situation.”

– written by a client who was in the midst of an unexpected divorce. 

“In November 2010, I was tired, stressed, and confused with what I wanted with my life. I have had a history of mild depression. For the most part, it was always something I thought I was taking care of but I had gotten to the point where I wanted to speak to someone. A friend of my recommended I go see Corinne. I immediately liked her style. She was non judgmental and listened. At the time I thought I didn’t like my career and I was unhappy. Through seeing Corinne and our sessions, I realized how to cope with my feelings of depression and I ended up realizing that my profession wasn’t the problem. It was my own insecurities in my job that I had an issue with. What I liked best about my therapy with Corinne is that she discussed my problems in a way that did not point to a single answer but rather she helped me uncover my true thoughts. I am happy to say that I am still in the same profession, but what is best is that I am a more happier and confident individual. I saw Corinne for 4-5 months, but what is great about therapy is that I know if I ever am having a rocky time and I want to speak to someone, I can always make an appointment with her. There is so much value in to speaking with a professional that can provide unbiased support.”

“Dr. Corinne Scholtz has been very helpful and critical in helping me carry on with tough decisions and situations going on in my life at this moment in time. She is always available and giving her best advice possible at all times. I trust her and admire her willingness to help others, especially me. I would highly recommend her service.”

– A client who needed to decide how to handle the possible break-up of her relationship