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What is couples therapy?

Premarital counseling offers couples the opportunity to learn and develop the skills they need to make it through the tough problems and situations they will experience, not only leading up to their marriage, but throughout their lives. Couples therapy touches on issues relating to religion, finances, and communication – common issues couples have; however, if you cannot navigate your way through them, these issues have the ability to drive a wedge between you and your marriage counselor fort lauderdalepartner. Many couples enter into marriage without learning the skills they need to create, and sustain, a satisfying and long-lasting relationship. Hundreds of couples enjoy the benefits of premarital couples therapy so that they have the ability to enter marriage with clarity and peace of mind – and you can too!

Every session with our therapist will be structured around your unique needs as a couple, and may cover important topics related to handling arguments, miscommunication, financial responsibilities, and more potentially complicated concerns. No life, or relationship, is perfect. There will always be complications and obstacles to overcome; however, with the right skills and mindset, you and your partner can have confidence that you can make it through anything life throws your way, and you can gain this through the advising of a therapist.

Premarital counseling is an investment of time and money that will show returns for years to come. Homework will be given in-between sessions and tends to prompt and valuable material for our premarital therapy sessions. Enjoy confidence in the strengths of your relationship and create tools for handling stressful times.

*We now offer an Online Premarital Course Approved by the Broward County Clerk of Courts Marital-Division.   This is offered as a free course to couples who are going through premarital counseling with Dr. Scholtz or using her officiant services.   This decreases the cost of your marriage license by 30 percent, and avoids the 3-day waiting period between applying for your marriage license and getting married.  It is available for $19.99 for couples who are completing the 4-hour course for a 30 percent discounted marriage license without marriage counseling or officiant services.  Please contact me for access to the online course!

Topics We Cover In Premarital Therapyfamily counselor fort lauderdale

  • Expectations for marriage
  • Fighting a ‘good’ fight
  • Managing lapses in communication
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Financial responsibilities and expectations
  • Step-parenting & step-families (when applicable)
  • Family-of-origin influences and more…!

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Here’s a great article about things to consider and topics to discuss during our pre-marital sessions!


“I love that the course has been made available online to take. It is very convenient and user friendly. The interactive component after every module to reflect and answer questions is a great way to discuss what has been learned and apply it to our relationships, carefully considering marriage and the aspects that come along with this major commitment. Everything was presented clearly and was nicely made available with additional downloads of materials for practice of exercises that can be used with partner and referenced to in the relationship. There is the ability to share comments, contact you easily, and even refer friends. This was an excellent way to take the premarital course in a non intimidating manner and allowed us to do so at our own availability, time, and pace. Everything learned was practical and the additional information presented gave us an opportunity to better learn and understand marriage and the responsibilities and issues that come along with this commitment. I am very pleased with the format and learning from the premarital course along with the ability to have taken this course online through you as an approved provider.”

– A Client Getting Married on March 28th!

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