Specialties for Adult Counseling & Therapy Include:

  • Depression Resolution & Management
  • Anxiety Reduction, Stress Management
  • Pre-Marital, Couples/Marital
  • Parenting
  • Infidelity
  • Divorce & marriage difficulties
  • Addiction, Substance Abuse
  • Weight Concerns
  • Self-Esteem
  • Family & Social Conflict
  • Self-Harm, Suicidal Behavior
  • Incarceration
  • Lying
  • Infertility
  • Anger Management
  • Mood Disorders
  • Family of Origin Work
  • and more…Think you might be suffering from a quarter-life crisis?  I was interviewed by youbeauty.com.  Check it out!

Current and former counseling clients have included many professionals from surrounding areas in Fort Lauderdale: Attorneys, educators, veterinarians, pilots, advertising & marketing executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes & their families.

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Individual Adult Therapy Success Stories

Dr. Scholtz is a compassionate and intuitive therapist.  Throughout our work, Dr. Scholtz was as encouraging as she was understanding.  She provided me with the tools necessary to challenge my old thought patterns and shift into a more positive state of abundance and gratitude.  Thank you Dr. Scholtz!

  • A client navigating through major life changes of career and marriage

My sessions with Corinne have been a great help in working through a difficult, very difficult, time.  She is thoughtful, professional, and down to earth.  She creates a comfortable atmosphere for her clients to safely explore sensitive topics and provides constructive feedback in a non-judgmental way.  I have left our sessions feeling empowered and capable of moving past a painful life experience.

–  A client in the midst of resolving pain and grief over a intense romantic relationship 

Dr. Scholtz gets it! She is a very insightful and skilled therapist who is both knowledgeable & compassionate. I contacted Dr Scholtz when I was at an extremely low point with my inner life. I had been going through much change and a major life transition. I was emotional, filled with anxiety and unable to deal with my issues effectively. From the first session forward, she has been able to get to the heart of the matter, helped me see myself more clearly and collaborated with me to find viable solutions, specifically focused on my personal situation. I highly recommend Dr. Scholtz, especially to anyone undergoing emotional or relationship issues.  

a client transitioning into retirement 

After going to see many therapists and not having the best experiences, going to see Dr. Scholtz was a true gift.  She is a wonderful listener! The thing I like most about her is she focuses more on the positives.  She works at being in the present moment.  She is amazing at working on solutions and not dwelling on your past problems.  She is amazing!  

– written by a client with PTSD and a self-changing trauma 

Corinne – I have to thank you for everything, you have been amazing in helping me! I am super glad I found you and used you as my counselor! I wouldn’t be attempting this or anything if it was not for you. You are very easy to talk to and I really like that and this wouldn’t of been possible without you!

– A client recovering from debilitating anxiety and post-traumatic stress 

Corinne – You have been a true blessing by giving me an unbiased professional opinion. You helped me figure out who I am, what I want and what I deserve. You have helped me realize what is real and what is just my perception in my relationships. Without you, I would not have gotten through this difficult time as quickly as I did. You have helped me face my fears and given me the courage to move in a positive direction. Thank you for support and inspiration.

– shared by a client who was healing from the break-up of a relationship. UPDATE: As of August 2013 this client is engaged to be married!

dreamstime_xxl_21145371TEEN COUNSELING

I have over 5 years of therapy experience working intimately with multi-cultural teens in private practice and school settings.  I understand the dynamic pressures many teens are confronted with on a daily basis, and have insight into how to best work with even the most reluctant of clients.  I had the opportunity to present this research and my counseling and therapy techniques to other therapists in 2013 at the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy National Conference in Portland Oregon.  This is a highly competitive platform and I was so excited to share my expertise with others!

Teen counseling and therapy are available for depression, anxiety, academic struggles, sexuality, anger, family and social conflict, mood disorders, grief, illness, self-esteem, self-harm, suicide and more…

Current and past adolescent therapy clients in Fort Lauderdale have attended Pine Crest, Cardinal Gibbons, Pompano Beach High School, Sunrise Middle, Nova, Lauderdale Lakes Middle School, and St. Thomas Aquinas. Contact my office today to schedule your or your teen’s therapy session.

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Teen Success Stories

My daughter was a straight A student throughout middle school. When she entered high school, her grades slipped to B’s and C’s. She was also having trouble controlling her anger, an issue that had plagued her since my divorce from her mother some 9 years previous. I did an internet search for a spiritual counselor and found Corinne. She and my daughter formed an instant bond. Several sessions later, my daughter was showing a marked improvement. Now a sophomore, she is back to her straight A ways. Although still prone to an occasional blow-up, her self-awareness and ability to control her emotions have skyrocketed. I heartily recommend Corinne for individual and family counseling

– Written by a well-known professional in the Ft. Lauderdale community

We found Corinne at a deep and dark time in our daughter’s life. Corinne’s warm and gentle way, as well as her understanding of teenage girls was reassuring that we had made the right decision about seeking treatment with her. Corinne was willing to meet with our daughter alone, as a family, just parents, and as often or as little as needed. Corinne has helped our daughter to see her self worth and strength. For that, we are grateful. While we have moved out of state, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue our sessions with Corinne via FaceTime. (2016)