Detecting Teen Depression


Being a teenager is tough, but being the parent of a teenager can be even more difficult, especially if your teen is suffering from depression. With all of the pressures they face at school and at home, as well as any other personal issues they might be facing, it can be difficult for adolescents to cope with the different stresses they have in their lives. So, how do you know, as a parent, whether or not these pressures are becoming too much for your teen?

Symptoms of Teen Depression

If your teen lashes out at you or has a bad attitude, it can be tempting to simply attribute that to the characteristic “moodiness” of teens. However, these and other signs may indicate that your teen is reaching out for help. Here are a few signs that may indicate that your teen is depressed and needs to seek help:

  • Your teen regularly has an irritable, empty or sad mood and feels that life is meaningless
  • Loss of interest in his favorite activities, whether it’s sports, music or art
  • Your teen has withdrawn from his friends and family. He struggles with relationships in general
  • Sudden, uncharacteristic drop in grades at school, as well as a lack of motivation
  • Changes in appetite or significant weight loss or gain
  • Your teen is overly critical of himself
  • Persistent behavioral problems at school or at home

These are just some of the signs and symptoms of depression. If you notice that your teen has been exhibiting any of these changes, it is important to seek the help of a professional before the condition worsens. At The Center of Connected Living, our therapist offers individual therapy for teens in Fort Lauderdale. Dr. Scholtz understands the dynamic pressures many teens are confronted with and she has insight on how to work best with even the most resistant of clients.

Please contact us today if you believe your teen is struggling with depression.