Marriage Counseling in Ft. Lauderdale for Spark

If you are going through a tough time in your marriage, don’t be afraid to reach out for help from a therapist in Fort Lauderdale. It is no secret to many that marriage is hard. It not only brings out all of your weaknesses, but it makes you vulnerable in more ways than one. If you and your spouse are having issues, whether that be in emotionally, physically or anything inbetween, then you need to consult our therapist at The Center of Connected Living.

We offer marriage counseling in Ft. Lauderdale that you don't’ need to shy away from. Admitting that you need to seek out help to save your marriage and work out issues is your first step to a healthier relationship. We want to help you keep the spark alive in any way possible! You may not understand that there are different types of ‘fighting styles’, but identifying yours and your spouse’s is one of the first steps we will take.

Our first session together will run better if both spouses attend. We do this so that neither spouse feels left out in any way. Don’t worry, this isn’t a must, but it is recommended depending on the couple and the needs. Meeting once a week is standard, but we can adjust this again depending on the couple. To learn more about The Center of Connected Living, what to expect during your very first marriage counseling session or to have questions answered, contact us now!