Marriage Counseling - Who Makes The First Call?


You may be surprised...but half of my calls to make an appointment for therapy come from husbands, boyfriends, and fathers! That's right. Men are invested in their relationship's success to a very large degree. Many men arrive for individual sessions for marriage counseling with our therapists as well, and find a professional and safe space to speak about life, relationships, and career in ways they may never have. As a therapist in Fort Lauderdale, I have many male clients who are in individual therapy working on themselves and their marriages every single week. In an age when money and children no longer keep couples together, emotional, mental, and sexual satisfaction is more important than ever! Maintaining the family is a shared venture between men and women and is equally valued by both husbands and wives, and fathers and mothers.

Our space to talk with our therapist is in a professional building with a high level of confidentiality for clients in our community and is an ideal space for well-known individuals in the community. Learn more about our marriage counseling when you contact us for more information. Feel free to reach out to address any questions you may have!