What to Expect From Your First Session of Marriage Counseling in Fort Lauderdale

When you and your spouse make the decision to participate in marriage counseling in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, it can be intimidating. Dr. Corinne Scholtz understands that taking part in any kind of counseling can be well outside of your comfort zone and leave you feeling anxious and uncomfortable. We know that it is a big decision to make and we want to help you and your spouse feel as comfortable as possible so you can get straight to healing and building your relationship. We like to help prepare our clients by keeping them well informed about what they should expect out of their first counseling session.

Dr. Scholtz highly recommends and prefers that both partners attend their first couples session. This will help eliminate any feelings of exclusion by either partner and help both partners feel that they are starting off on an even playing field. However, if the situation demands that each partner meet with Dr. Scholtz separately for the first time, this can be arranged. The first meeting with your counselor is all about getting a feel for them as well as the office. If your counseling sessions are to be successful and helpful, it is essential to feel comfortable opening up to and spending time with your counselor. Establishing this relationship and becoming comfortable with your counselor is the main focus of your first session. If after your first session, you do not feel the environment is conducive to progress and healing, then you may want to consider a different therapist and clinic.

At the Center of Connected Living, we are dedicated to helping each and every client learn to heal, communicate, and make discoveries. Dr. Scholtz is committed to helping couples heal and build strong relationships so they can work with each other to make it through the ups and downs of marriage. If you are interested in couples or marriage counseling, please contact us today!