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  1. Your First Couples Therapy Session

    What to Expect: The First Couples Counseling Session                 I know all too well how difficult it can be to make the decision to seek couples counseling. If we aren’t careful,…Read More

  2. ‘I Should Have Known Better’

    Do you ever say to youself "you should have known better?" The fact is, we all start as beginners. We learn from our mistakes and eventually learn to embrace them (even if we need a little help😉 ).…Read More

  3. Leaps Of Faith – Are You Ready?

    Things that seem impossible can become a reality. Every successful person, at one point, started as a 'spring chicken'. They took risks and learned from their experience. Some people learn on their ow…Read More

  4. Thought For Today

    I've started a new little habit and it's making a big difference in the beginning of my day.  It's a small journal ordered from Amazon about gratitude. Every day there are 3 spaces to write about gra…Read More

  5. Successful Couples Therapy

    There is an art and science to experience successful couples therapy.  First, the relationship between you and your couples counselor is extremely important and significantly contributes to the outco…Read More

  6. New Business Venture

    Hi Everyone, it's been some time since my last blog and I've been busy creating a new aspect of The Center of Connected Living - Fl.  In addition to providing couples, family, and individual therapy,…Read More

  7. Pre-Marital Counseling is Important!

    The Importance of Pre-Marital Counseling Joining together in a marriage can be challenging for any couple. Before marriage, we tend to have this idea that life will be pure bliss once we are married. …Read More