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  1. I Love What I Do

    Let me sum up my day in 3 words.... listen, inspire and repeat. What can I say, I love what I do. What 3 words sum up your day?…Read More

  2. Keep Going!

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Eventually you'll be so far down the road you'll forget why you felt overwhelmed to begin with.  …Read More

  3. New Business Venture

    Hi Everyone, it's been some time since my last blog and I've been busy creating a new aspect of The Center of Connected Living - Fl.  In addition to providing couples, family, and individual therapy,…Read More

  4. Self-Care & Grief Recovery

    Hi All, It's been on my mind to blog for several months, but I've kept putting it off.  It's been on 'the' to-do list forever, yet I couldn't quite get moving on that list fast enough.  You see, I l…Read More

  5. Change Happens

    Many times people fear change because we focus on what we need to give up, or what will be lost.  This is a universal experience that pops up in individual, couple, and marital counseling.  But, cha…Read More

  6. Preventative Marriage Counseling

    It is widely believed that marital and couples counseling is a option for couples who are already in distress and experiencing a painful relationship. However, I am beginning to see clients who are se…Read More

  7. Online Premarital Course

    Are you and your future spouse looking for an online premarital course? Look no further because we have one of the most comprehensive courses available.  PLUS, completing our course will save you $ w…Read More

  8. Happy Holidays!

    I want to thank each and every client who have welcomed me into their life this year.  Couple, marital and individual therapy is an intensely personal, intimate experience and takes courage.  I cont…Read More