1. The Power of Retreat

    Hi All, It's been a roller-coaster year!  Since January, my father was diagnosed with cancer and to date has had one surgery, a round of chemo, a round of radiation, and two other hospital stays.  A…Read More

  2. Detecting Teen Depression

    Being a teenager is tough, but being the parent of a teenager can be even more difficult, especially if your teen is suffering from depression. With all of the pressures they face at school and at hom…Read More

  3. When Is It Time to See a Therapist?

    Everyone gets angry, sad and stressed at one point or another. It is a normal part of life to feel these kinds of emotions so, it can be difficult for someone to recognize whether or not they should s…Read More

  4. Great Rates For Therapy In Zip Code 33301

    Do you need someone to talk to or help, but are unsure how to pay for it. The Center of Connected Living can help. We offer great therapy at reasonable rates and many flexible ways to pay. Contact us …Read More